How Kinn Helped Pat Pat Veterinary Clinic


Through automating workflows and seamlessly integrating Kinn into their current system!

Bringing workflows on cloud


Scattered notes, unavailability of vital reports at the right time and high reliance on written notes proved to be a roadblock for Pat Pat Vet in providing highest quality healthcare to patients.

Additionally, client vet connectivity was tedious right from arranging appointments to getting updates on reports


Kinn upgraded the clinic’s workflow by consolidating all tasks into a unified platform, collaborating closely with Dr.Sompoach to optimize our system to align with his workflow requirements and in the process enabling the clinic to leave a larger digital imprint.

What changed with Kinn


By leveraging Kinn’s services, the clinic transitioned its operations to our cloud-based platform, giving Dr.Sompoach and his staff the flexibility of access and control from anywhere, anytime.

As a result of this, the clinic could handle all diverse client interactions and notes in one platform. This contributed to better staff management and a significant reduction in workflow complexity in a relatively short period.

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Building a strong business persona through digital branding for Pat Pat Veterinary Clinic.


Due to a lack of visibility and digital presence with clients, the clinic only relied on word of mouth and loyalty of clients for increasing their client base


The blogging feature of Kinn’s system gave Dr. Sompoach and clinic the ability to produce informative content for clients to consult.This enabled the clinic to be omnipresent and create more touch points in the patient’s recovery cycle.

All the frequent questions and concerns raised in the clinic can now be transformed into digital notes, offering assistance to the community of pet parents.


Pat Pat Veterinary Clinic created a better digital presence for themselves, the clients felt more connected and in the process created a larger customer base for themselves.

Amplifying care experiences for clients and the caregivers


Clients were burdened with the task of managing  scattered notes and medical records for their pets, a process that was frequently cumbersome. The care instructions provided in the clinic, often filled with complex medical jargon, were easily forgotten. This, coupled with the stress of caring for a sick pet made the situation even more stressful.


By establishing an omnichannel digital platform and shifting to digital record-keeping, Kinn greatly simplified the clients’ workflow.This gave clients the feeling of continuous support from the vet during pre-care, the clinic visit, and post-care, as they consistently received valuable notes post-visit.

Consequently, this enhanced the trust and bond between Dr. Sompoach and his clients


The bond between the clinic and its clients strengthened as patient recovery rates improved and the time spent managing appointments and veterinary communications decreased for the clients.

This led to an increase in positive reviews and enhanced the clinic’s reputation within the veterinary community, sparking greater word-of-mouth interest in their unique approach.

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