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Go Beyond Veterinary Consultations

Kinn seamlessly extends your services to clients beyond your clinic

Share patient record summaries digitally

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Kinn Logo V4T - 01 A _edited_edited_edited.jpg

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The importance of sharing digital record summaries with clients:

Support clients beyond your clinic

Effortlessly improve touch points to support clients in caring

for their pets

Improve adherence to care plans

Help your clients remember important instructions & dissuade them from turning to untrustworthy internet sources

Improve credibility & loyalty

It is a non-negotiable for today's pet owners to be connected with transparent & modern practices

Download our latest FREE resource:

10 point proven tips for vets to thrive in this digital era

It's completely free and it will help you to accelerate your path to stay ahead of the competition and meet evolving demands of convenience and accessibility of your services for pet owners.

Unleash your veterinary potential

Reduce staff compassion fatigue & burnouts

Kinn instantly changes your stresses..

Is this you?


Frustrated with managing clients


Additional benefits of upgrading your clinic's services:

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Build stronger relationships with clients & grow clientele

Image by Ricardo L

Improve patient outcomes

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Stay relevant in the digital era

Improve every step of the client care journey

Give your clients a digital tool to track their care steps, automate reminders & improve pet care outcomes


1. Clients prefer online bookings

2. Boost client interaction experience

3. Improve follow ups & reminders

A thriving practice starts with a full schedule. Build trust with clients even before they enter your clinic.

Relieve your clients of stress of having to recall and retrieve pet's history & previous care plans

Automated reminders & recalls to make it easier for clients to complete their follow up care



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Features to support clients

Effortlessly improve client communication and support them beyond your clinic

Automatically turn care plans into easy-to-follow tasks

Digital appointment overviews & prescriptions

Online bookings & reminders

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More features to support client care journeys:

Collaboration with other clinics

Retrieve & share record summaries with other clinics instantly

Lost & found

Report missing animals & alert pet owners via the app

Veterinary curated content

Improve pet owners understanding of animal health & grow a following

Hear what pet owners have to say about us:

Judy, Entrepreneur

“Kinn addresses one of the biggest problems I have as a pet owner. It is very similar to the Singapore version of Health Hub…where everything resides in one place, and an authorised vet is able to access it easily."

Mankirath, Tech Lead

"Are you kidding? I love Kinn! I like everything about it. It does things for me, it helps me look after my pet, it keeps me informed with health concerns that I wouldn’t have known."

Jesica, Banker

“Kinn has been an app that is long overdue, I wish I had everything at the tip of my fingers. I think every pet owner should have this. You should really make this nation wide.”

Integrate & Automate

We make your journey with us simple & secure