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Kinn sprang to life in 2022, following four years of meticulous research, collaboration and iteration with dedicated vets and pet enthusiasts throughout Asia, we've crafted a solution tailored just for you.

And this is just the beginning- join us as we evolve and be a fundamental part of our journey to make an impact.

Kinn for Vets

Excel faster with our favorite features

Inventory Management

Manage inventory in real-time on available medical supplies and those nearing depletion

Retrieve past records

Instantly retrieve patient record summaries from all other practices visited in seconds

Share Digital Care Plans

Instantly share care plans with clients including prescriptions, invoices, and more

Content outreach

Curate bite-sized content for vets and pet owners and create more visibility in a community

Appointment Management

Optimize all of your available slots effortlessly

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Unlock your Kinn Advantage

Higher client loyalty & Retention rates

Save 40% time

Connect with 10X more clients

Build a strong digital presence

Access expert support & thriving vet community

Strengthen your client support

Improve patient outcomes by 60%

Automate admin & client workflow

Unbelievably easy to use!

How Kinn works

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Join our community of vets and pet owners and create visibility for your practice in our ecosystem

Instantly retrieve past records

With just 2 clicks, you can retrieve all your patient's medical history from all other vets within our EHR system to make faster and more accurate decisions

Update records and sit back

Automatically share digital care plans and invoices with clients in just 1 click, to give them the right guiding tools

Kinn also integrates with existing veterinary software

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The Kinn experience

Kinn for Pet owners

Why pet owners love Kinn?

All pets history on 1 platform

Less paperwork, less reliance on memory

Collaborate with all family members

Save cost on repetitive treatments and tests

Access vet verified articles

Lost & Found

Encourages responsible ownership

Add multiple pets

Timely medication alerts

Add family members and assign tasks

Book vet appointments

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Available in English & Thai Languages.

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