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Want improved pet care outcomes? Give your clients the right tool for the job.

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Understanding the pet care journey

Pet parents have to effectively manage the entire care journey to effectively improve their pet’s #health outcomes. This includes:

  • Understanding their pet's #diagnosis, test results, and treatment plan

  • Attending appointments and coordinating care

  • Adhering to #medications and #treatments

  • Actively contributing to a lifestyle change for their #pet

  • Monitoring and evaluating their pet’s health progress

Challenges in pet care

Effectively managing care entails following the #veterinarian's recommendations to the letter; ideal results do not appear out of nowhere. But what is stopping the majority of pet parents from sticking to their vet’s care plan?

  • Apart from juggling work and family obligations, watching your pet go through low moods is worrying and depressing.

  • Pet owners frequently forget or misremember specifics about their pets' health. The hard copy slips that veterinarians currently offer are ineffective and retaining verbal medical information is challenging. When pet parents don't fully grasp their pet's health condition or care plan, adhering to their vet's care plan becomes exceedingly difficult, causing friction in their care journey and diminishing their commitment to care.

  • Pet parents who do not understand their pet's care plan may seek assistance from the internet. When pet parents apply untrustworthy advice from the internet to their treatments, the progress and outcomes of their pets' care suffer.

The good news? These challenges can be overcome with the right technology. Kinn's Records Sharing makes caring for pets easier by assisting pet owners in sticking to their treatment plan.

Kinn’s record sharing: the right tool for the job

Empower and engage your clients by securely sharing their pet’s medical record summaries, treatment plans and test results directly from your integrated Kinn #EHR to their Kinn mobile app.

Pet care becomes more integrated and efficient for pet owners when all of their pet's medical information is in one location. Instead of depending on memory, pet owners may readily refer to their notes for clarity and accuracy. They have up-to-date medical information on hand, which they can access at any time to refer to other vets.

No more fumbling through papers and folders.

No more searching through emails.

No more searching frantically through the internet.

Kinn keeps your client organized. This makes it much easier to stick to treatments and boost their chances of optimal health outcomes for their pet.

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