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We organised pet care for
your clients

All their pet's records in one place

Digital convenience
at every step


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Book appointments online

Digital veterinary records

Reminders for medications  & care

Prioritize your client's care journeys by giving them the right tool for the job

You hold the key to  empowerment

The continuous care of animals is truly in your client's hands and we believe that veterinarians hold the keys to empowering caregivers with the right support to improve the welfare of all animals

Support your clients beyond your practice

Vet records in one place

Receive digital vet records in one place so that clients can stress less on recalling and retrieving vital information from clinics & improve their pet's health outcomes on time

Automatically turn instructions into tasks so that clients can easily stick to their vet's care plans

Digitalised care plans

Expert knowledge

Learn and get tips directly from the experts through the bite-sized content that they create just for you. Clear the clutter from the mass array of random online blogs.

Features to soothe common client stresses

All documents in one place

Holistic vet records from multiple clinics and all pet documents in one app

Insights from animal experts

Give clients a way to access trusted content instead of turning to untrustworthy sources of information online

Online booking

Let your clients plan ahead of time with automated reminders through their mobile app

Lost & Found

Users can report missing and found animals to help animals find a way back to their homes

Care plans

Improve adherence to care plans with automated digitalised care plans

Collaborate with family

Keep all persons involved in the care of the animal in the loop

Hear what pet owners have to say about Kinn

Strengthen your vet-client bonds

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Build trust and rapport with clients to keep them loyal

Image by Steffi Pereira

Improve communication with clients to build trust, loyalty


Promote responsible ownership & improve adherence to care plans through guided support & education

Help clients set up in just 3 easy steps



Download mobile app for free


Create account

Create an account for user & pet



Add client on your Kinn account

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